CIL 08, 02747 (Q10060)

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Honorific inscription
Language Label Description Also known as
CIL 08, 02747
Honorific inscription


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    To Lucius Novius Crispinus Martialis Saturninus; designated to the consulship; praetorian legate of Augustus in the province of Africa; proconsul of Narbonensian Gaul; legate of Augustus of the First Legion, Italica; legate of Augustus for the administration of justice in Asturia and Callaecia; praetor; Plebeian tribune; praetorian quaestor of the province of Macedonia; military tribune of the Ninth Legion, Hispana; member of the board of four charged with road maintenance; member of the board of six in charge of the Roman knights; from the Veterans of the Third Legion, Augustan, who entered military service during the consulships of Glabrio and Torquatus and also during those of Asiaticus (for the second time) and Aquilinus.
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    The Government of the Roman Empire. A Sourcebook (2nd Edition)
    London and New York
    Levick, B.