Agora XVI 34 (Q10524)

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Alliance with Boeotians
Language Label Description Also known as
Agora XVI 34
Alliance with Boeotians


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    . . . Alliance of the Boeotians and Athenians for all time. If anybody goes against the Athenians for war either (5)by land or by sea, the Boeotians shall help with all their strength as the Athenians call on them, as far as possible; and if anybody goes against the Boeotians for war either by land or by sea the Athenians shall help (10) with all their strength as the Boeotians call on them, as far as possible. If it is [decided to add or subtract anything] by the Athenians [and Boeotians deliberating jointly?] . . .
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    Stephen Lambert
    Attic Inscriptions Online
    P. J. Rhodes