IG II² 18 (Q10526)

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Honours for Dionysios of Syracuse
Language Label Description Also known as
IG II² 18
Honours for Dionysios of Syracuse


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    Relief In the archonship of Euboulides (394/3). In the prytany of Pandionis, being the sixth, for which Platon son of Nikochares of Phlya was secretary. (5)The Council decided. Kinesias proposed: concerning what Androsthenes says, to praise Dionysios the ruler (archonta) of Sicily and Leptines the brother of Dionysios and Thearides the brother of Dionysios and Polyxenos the [brother-in-law (10)of Dionysios] . . . . . .
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    Stephen Lambert
    Attic Inscriptions Online
    P. J. Rhodes