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(‎Changed claim: Translation IT (P13): Il pedagogo Philargurus è sepolto qui.)
Property / Translation ITProperty / Translation IT
unknown value
Il pedagogo Philargurus è sepolto qui.
Property / Translation IT: Il pedagogo Philargurus è sepolto qui. / reference
CTS URN: urn:cts:pdlepi:eagle.tm263188.perseids-it-2015-1
Author: http://data.perseus.org/sosol/users/luciobenedetti
Supervised by: Bridget Almas
Supervised by: Marie-Claire Beaulieu
Supervised by: Eleonora Santin
Supervised by: Pietro Liuzzo
Supervised by: Gianfranco Agosti
Supervised by: Ulrich Gehn

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Funerary insrcription of Philargurus
Language Label Description Also known as
CIL 06, 37812
Funerary insrcription of Philargurus


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    Il pedagogo Philargurus è sepolto qui.
    1 reference
    Bridget Almas
    Marie-Claire Beaulieu
    Eleonora Santin
    Pietro Liuzzo
    Gianfranco Agosti
    Ulrich Gehn