ILS 8987 = CLE 2046 = CLEPann 55 = AE 1902, 0245 (Q12017)

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Honorary inscription of Valerius Dalmatius
Language Label Description Also known as
ILS 8987 = CLE 2046 = CLEPann 55 = AE 1902, 0245
Honorary inscription of Valerius Dalmatius


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    Dalmatius has for his law, a law given by fostering integrity, to match jurisdiction with justice and to protect equity. He has a learned grasp of th Twelve Tables and every praetorian edict and what the worshipful emperors have laid down. Moreover, as interpreter and administer of the laws, his expert skill is matched by the uprightness with which he puts things into effect. Valerius, our just ruler, this portrait is set up for you in return for many services - yes, many. Though situated far away we despatch it from all that distance to the bosom of your native land, bearing witness to the prayers of the populace. This is the cause for which we humbly pray for the high office of a prefecture, this is the omen with which we happily escort you. Whoever wants to know who it is whose affection celebrates you, let him take his information from this inscription: The province Lugdunensis Tertia set this up to Dalmatius, a grateful dependent to its patron.
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    E. Courtney
    Musa Lapidaria. A Selection of Latin Verse Inscriptions
    Atlanta, Georgia