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Kleomis of Methymna awarded Proxeny
Language Label Description Also known as
IG II² 284
Kleomis of Methymna awarded Proxeny


    IG II³ 1 390
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    Decree 1 . . . -krates . . . . . . by the pirates, the Council shall resolve: that the presiding committee (proedrous) allotted to (5) preside in the People at the next Assembly shall place these matters on the agenda and submit the opinion of the Council to the People, that it seems good to the Council to praise Kleomis (10) son of Apollodoros of Methymna , since he both ransomed those captured by the pirates and does whatever good is in his power for the Athenian People; and he shall be proxenos and benefactor, himself (15) and his descendants, of the Athenian People. Decree 2 . . .
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    Stephen Lambert
    Attic Inscriptions Online
    Stephen Lambert
    # PH 2501
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