CIL 06, 01783, cfr. pp. 3174, 3814, 4760-4761 (Q5827)

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Base for posthumous statue of Nicomachus Flavianus, praetorian prefect; commanded by the emperors. Rome, Forum of Trajan. 431.
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CIL 06, 01783, cfr. pp. 3174, 3814, 4760-4761
Base for posthumous statue of Nicomachus Flavianus, praetorian prefect; commanded by the emperors. Rome, Forum of Trajan. 431.


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    Restored ( reddita ) to Nicomachus Flavianus, governor ( consularis ) of Sicily, deputy praetorian prefect ( vicarius ) of Africa, quaestor of the court of the late and deified ( divi ) Emperor Theodosius, twice praetorian prefect of Italy, Illyricum and Africa, on account of his virtue and authority as a senator and a judge; also in honour of his son Nicomachus Flavianus, governor ( consularis ) of Campania, proconsul of Asia, several times prefect of the city and now praetorian prefect of Italy, Illyricum and Africa. (line 7) The Emperors and Caesars Flavius Theodosius and Flavius Placidus Valentinianus, forever Augusti, to their own Senate, greetings: (9) To assert the honour of men Distinguished and Illustrious in public life ( clarorum adque inlustrium in re publica ) which has been tarnished in some degree ( aliquatenus ) by a misfortune of the human condition, and to recall into light eternal the memory of the dead, does seem to be some mitigation of their lot, and is considered to be the prime evaluation and highest fulfilment of their virtues. (13) The omen being good and favourable, you surely share Our understanding, Conscript Fathers, that whatever We undertake for the restoration of the reputation of the elder Flavianus, a reputation illustrious and most respected by all, is done out of veneration for Our deified grandfather; that is, if We should recall by means of monuments and inscriptions to his virtues a man whom Our grandfather wished to live for Us and to be preserved for you - and many of you remember these words being spoken in your presence - in such a way that you should conclude that whatever wrong was done him by blind slander was far from being the Emperor’s own wish. (19) For it was the Emperor’s abounding goodwill towards him, which extended as far as the Annals which he willed should be dedicated to Himself by one who was quaestor and prefect, that provoked the envy of wicked men. Now that We have established with you these ample explanations of Our dutiful conduct, let Us further add that We are fortified by your feelings towards him and by the judgement of all the provinces, a judgement to which the good things preserved or even increased, of a commonwealth ( rei publicae ) which he made richer still, have contributed so much reverence in Us also that We know that what We do today in your hearts and feelings has been done without any intervening moment of oblivion. (26) For this very reason indeed, Conscript Fathers, you cherish his overarching memory no less than We do, so that We rightly give thanks to your forbearance in not allowing Us to give any appearance of being prompted to restore his memory, which We do of Our own accord. (29) Whereas also the son of Flavianus, whose paternal upbringing has often commended him to Us and Our fathers, might be thought to have been only half-honoured even by the crowning office of praetorian prefect which he increases daily by his foresight and industry, were he not to be made whole at last and freed of the binding duty he owes to his whole house and family. (33) Rejoice then with Us, Conscript Fathers, in this excellent action of Our reign, that you may join with Us in recognizing that the memory of this senator has been restored to you and his country, and give your approval to an honour, by sharing which you have become more Distinguished ( clariores ) and flourish with the same reverence as We do towards his posterity. (37) I, Appius Nicomachus Dexter, man of Most Distinguished rank, sometime prefect of the City, saw to the erection of this statue to my excellent grandfather. [On the left side of the base] Dedicated on the Ides of September in the consulship of Bassus and Antiochus, both of clarissimus rank. [13 September 431] (Transl. Roger Tomlin)
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