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Ephemeris Epigraphica , , IX, 776 [edit]

Base for statue of Publius Aelius Apollinaris Arlenius, local benefactor . From Praeneste (Campania).Late third to Late fourth century. [edit]

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University of Oxford
[Statue of] Arlenius. Publius Aelius Apollinaris Arlenius, born on the fourth day before the Kalends of November [and] well brought up in life, behaviour and letters; since on the eighth day before the Kalends of July, in his eighteenth year, sought for in heaven that he might be freed from bodily prison ( caelo desideratus corporeo carcere liberaretur ), he asked and got from Publius Aelius Apollinaris, of perfectissimus rank, his father, the advocate, governor ( praeses ) of Corsica [and] prefect of the watch ( praefectus vigilibus ), that he would give and transfer the estate called Two Houses (in the territory of Praeneste) to the guilds ( collegia ) of the city of Praeneste, on condition that they, and whoever succeeds them in their legal body and corporation, should not have the right to alienate it by any kind of agreement, but that from the profits of that estate banquets should be given twice a year on the days written above. And so that his wish should be stronger, he sought from his above mentioned father that orchards or a property should be bought with 5,000 folles , which should be given to the legal body and corporation of them (= the guildsmen) on the [same] above mentioned condition. And thus, through the reason recorded above, in the estate mentioned above and the orchards bought in the way mentioned above, all the guildsmen have received money. Because of this benefit, all the guildsmen place a statue to him, dressed in a toga, in the forum. (Transl. U. Gehn)