CIL 06, 20674, cfr. pp. 3525, 3915; CLE 0436 (Q10150)

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Funerary altar for a wife and daughter
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CIL 06, 20674, cfr. pp. 3525, 3915; CLE 0436
Funerary altar for a wife and daughter


    Left face: 'Now the end of life and relief from troubles has been granted to you, mother and daughter held in this tomb. You were deprived of life off the coast around Marseilles by the violence of the sea, in the area from which the Tagus and the famous river Ebro flow respectively west and east, the Tagus to the waters of the Atlantic and the Ebro to those of the Mediterranean. For that is how the Fates long ago laid out their web and spun the threads of life over you, so that your birthday should be different but the day of your death identical. For me yet a different day of death has been appointed from the triple spinning of destiny. They resolved to postpone this according to their unuttered decision linked with the everlasting law which orders all to appear to answer the bail which they have given to death'. Front, top: '(The image of) Julia Second, the daughter, and of Cornelia Tyche, the wife'. Front, bottom left: 'Both by her exceptional beauty and by her most devout way of life she was outstanding by her learning beyond what was to be expected for her sex and age. She lived for eleven years, nine months and twenty days'. Front, bottom right: 'She was unmatched both in her affection to her husband and her devoutness, and showed great devotion to her children. She lived 39 years, four months and seven days, eleven and a half years with me'.
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    William Stenhouse
    The Paper museum of Cassiano dal Pozzo. Ancient inscriptions
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