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MAMA XI 036 [edit]

Funerary bomos of Aur. Alexandros and family and Aur. Zotikos and family [edit]

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(A) Year 331, Month 2. Aur. Alexandros, son of Seius, of the tribe Apollonis, and Aur. Zenonis his wife, constructed the tomb for themselves and for their children Ammia and Messalina and Zenonis and Alexandreia, whichever of them dies without children. If anyone inters another dead body, he will have to reckon with God, both now and for all time, and may he have no share in God’s promise; and whoever prevents any of them from being buried here, may he be subject to the afore-mentioned disposition. (B) Aur. Zotikos constructed the tomb on the northern side for himself and his wife Aur. Kompse; after they have been interred, it shall not be permitted for anyone else to inter (anyone) in it, unless they themselves [Zotikos and Kompse] are willing during their lifetime that someone else should inter someone in it; but after that, if anyone tries to inter another, he shall have to reckon with God, and may he have no share in God’s promise.