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Decree of Kleinias about tribute of Delian League
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IG I³ 34
Decree of Kleinias about tribute of Delian League


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    Gods. The Council and the People decided. Oineis was in prytany. Spoudias was secretary. -€“on (5)was chairman. Kleinias proposed: that the Council and the officials in the cities and the overseers (episkopous) shall manage that the tribute is collected each (10)year and brought to Athens. Tokens (sumbola) shall be made for the cities, so that it shall not be possible for those bringing the tribute to do wrong. Let the city write on (15)a writing tablet (grammateion) the tribute which it is sending, and seal it with the token (sumboloi) and send it to Athens; and those bringing it shall give up the writing tablet (grammateion) in the Council to be read when they pay the tribute. Let the prytany (prutaneis) after the Dionysia hold an assembly for (20)the Greek Treasurers (hellenotamiasi) to reveal to the Athenians those of the cities which have paid the tribute complete and, separately, those which have fallen short, which [have not paid it or they are?]. The Athenians shall elect four men and send them to the cities, to give receipts for the tribute which has been paid and to (25)demand what has not been paid [from those falling short. or Of those elected] two shall sail to [Ionia, Caria and the Islands or the cities of the Islands and to Ionia?] in a fast trireme, [and the other two to the Hellespont and or and two to the cities of the Hellespont and?] Thrace. The prytany (prutaneis) shall introduce this to the Council and the People [immediately after the Dionysia?] and (30)deliberate about it continuously until completed. If any Athenian or ally does wrong concerning the tribute which the cities are required to write on a writing tablet (grammateion) for those bringing it and to send to Athens, whoever wishes of the Athenians and the allies shall be permitted to write an accusation against him to the prytany (prutaneis); (35) and let the prytany (prutaneis) introduce into the Council [the accusation which anybody writes?], or they shall be penalised for bribery, ten thousand drachmas each. Whoever is condemned by the Council, [let it not have final power to assess for him?] but bring him [to the court (heliaian) immediately?]. When he is judged to be in the wrong, (40)let the prytany (prutaneis) institute a debate to judge what he should suffer or pay. And if any one does wrong with regard to the bringing of the cow and panoply, the accusations against him and the punishment shall be handled in the same manner. The Greek Treasurers (hellenotamias) shall write up on a whitened board (pinakion leleukomenon) (45)[revealing both the assessment of the tribute and the cities which have paid it complete, and write down?] . . . . . . ca. 10 lines missing (57) . . . The business shall be dealt with also by the in-coming Council [about those bringing the tribute?]. Those bringing [to Athens who have been written up on the board (pinakion)?] as being (60)in debt [in the Council, the Council?] shall indicate to the People [city by city?]. If any of the cities [makes a dispute about the payment of the tribute?], claiming that it has paid it . . . the community of the [city?] . . . the cities and (65). . . it shall not be possible to [accuse?] . . . of the one accused let the accuser owe [the assessment if he flees?]. The accusation shall be lodged with the polemarch in the month Gamelion. If anybody [disputes?] . . . let the Council (70)[deliberate?] . . . Let the introducers (eisagogeis) introduce [into the court (heliaian)?] those owing the tribute to the Athenians [in sequence according to the record of?] the denunciation [on the board (pinaka)?] . . . of the new tribute and last year'€™s . . . The Council shall make a preliminary resolution and (75)bring forward . . . on the next day to the people . . . election . . .
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