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Honours for Polypeithes of Siphnos
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SEG 50.45
Honours for Polypeithes of Siphnos


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    Decree 1 . . . the stele . . . . . . to the secretary twenty drachmas. Decree 2 In the archonship of Alkaios (422/1). On the nineteenth of the prytany. (5)The Council and the People decided. Akamantis was in prytany; Archikles of Halai was secretary; Didymias was chairman. Alcibiades proposed: to praise Polypeithes of Siphnos, because he is a good man towards the Athenian People, both himself and his ancestors, (10)Kallaischros and Stesileides; and reply to him that Kallaischros [was honoured by the People?] in return for the good that he did to the Athenians, and [on behalf of the?] Athenian [People ? he acted with regard to?] all [the matters of war?] . . . . . . (15). . .
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    Stephen Lambert
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