IG II² 29 (Q10549)

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Honours for Phanokritos of Parion
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IG II² 29
Honours for Phanokritos of Parion


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    . . . . . . [hand over] on account of [his message], if the People also decide, and to inscribe his benefaction (euergesian) on a stone stele on the acropolis. And to invite him to hospitality (xenia) (5) in the city hall (prutaneion) tomorrow. Kephalos proposed: in other respects in accordance with the Council; but the secretary of the Council shall inscribe Phanokritos of Parion as a proxenos and benefactor, (10)himself and his descendants, on a stone stele, and put it on the acropolis, because he reported to the generals about the passage (paraplo) of the ships (neōn), and if the generals had believed (epithonto) him the enemy triremes (15) would have been captured: it is for this that there is to be the proxeny and benefactorship. And to invite him to hospitality (xenia) in the city hall (prutaneion) tomorrow. The receivers (apodektai) shall allocate (merisai) the money specified (eirēmenon) (20) from the funds (chrēmatōn) deposited (kataballomenōn) when they make the financial allocations prescribed by the laws.
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