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Dealings with the Delphic Amphictyony
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IG I³ 9
Dealings with the Delphic Amphictyony


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    The Council and the People decided. [Aiantis or Leontis] was in prytany. A– was secretary. Menyllos was chairman. –ies proposed: to agree (5)on the alliance, as the men from the Pylaia announce, for all the Amphictyons who have a share in the sanctuary, swearing to abide by the (10)alliance by Apollo and Leto and Artemis, invoking ruin on ourselves if we transgress. [A decree shall be made in accordance with tradition concerning (15)all the things which the men from the Pylaia announce as having been decreed . . . ?]
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    Stephen Lambert
    Attic Inscriptions Online
    P. J. Rhodes