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Honours for Kallippos the Thessalian
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IG I³ 92
Honours for Kallippos the Thessalian


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    Of Kallippos the Thessalian. The Council and the People decided. Akamantis was in prytany. Archikles was secretary (422/1). Antikrates was (5)chairman. Proposal (gnōmē) of the generals: to praise Kallippos the Thessalian from Gyrton, because he is judged to be a good man with regard to the city of Athens. And he shall be inscribed on (10) a stone stele as a proxenos and benefactor of the Athenians, himself and the sons of Kallippos, and it shall be set down on the acropolis. Eukratidas, Hipp-, . . .
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    Stephen Lambert
    Attic Inscriptions Online
    P. J. Rhodes