CIL 06, 10097; CIL 06, 33960; CLE 1111 (Q11095)

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CIL 06, 10097; CIL 06, 33960; CLE 1111
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    Tiberius Claudius Tiberinus, Augustalis of the Esquiline tribe, lies here; his mother Tampa Hygia made (this monument) for her affectionate son. Whoever you are who ride by the threshold of my tomb, I beseech you, traveller, halt your hurried journey. Read, and if you do so may a premature death never cause sorrow to you. You will find my name attached to my epitaph. Rome is my native city, my parents were middle-class, my life then was afflicted by no troubles. I was once in favour with the populace and their enthusiasm made me well-known; now I am a handful of dust from a lamented pyre. Who did not see with a cheerful face good dinner-parties and my merriment persisting with me until dawn? I was once skilled in reciting the legacy of poets in strains as sweet as Muses and swans skilled in delivering poetry pulsating with Homeric verse, verse well-known in Caesar's forum. Now all that remains of my whole body, which both parents in sorrow bedew with tears, is affection and reputation. They lay down for me garlands and fresh flowers, in which I take pleasure. That is how I am laid out and linger in the vale of Elysium. My destiny gave me as many birthdays as the stars in which the Dolphin and winged Pegasus revolve.
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    E. Courtney
    Musa lapidaria. A Selection of Latin Verse Inscriptions