CIL 06, 01872, cfr. pp. 2879, 3820 (Q11159)

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Monument to Tiberius Claudius Severus
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CIL 06, 01872, cfr. pp. 2879, 3820
Monument to Tiberius Claudius Severus


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    To Tiberius Claudius Severus of the Esquilina tribe, a member of the decuria. To Tiberius Claudius Severus, member of the Esquilina tribe, member of the decuria, lictor and patron of the corpus of fishermen and divers, quinquennalis of the same corpus three times, on account of his virtues: he first set up two statues from his own pocket, one to Antoninus Augustus our lord and another to Julia Augusta our mistress, one (he set up) together with his son Claudius Pontianus, Roman eques. Furthermore he donated 10,000 sesterces to the same corpus, so that with the interest on the sum every year on his birthday, 17 days before the Kalends of February, a present should be given to each man. He is especially welcome since by his effort the shipping with small boats was acquired and established. The corpus of fishermen and divers of the entire length of the Tiber put this up after a decree of the ordo, with its own money, which is allowed to meet by a decision of the senate.
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    W. Stenhouse
    The Paper museum of Cassiano dal Pozzo. Ancient Inscriptions