CIL 14, 02213 (Q11226)

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Altar to Diana
Language Label Description Also known as
CIL 14, 02213
Altar to Diana


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    Sacred to Diana Nemorensis Vesta, in the dictatorship of the emperor Nerva Trajan Augustus Germanicus, son of Nerva, in his third consulship, his prefect being Titus Voltedius Mamilianus, when Lucius Caecilius Ursus for the second time and Marcus Lucretius Sabinus for the second time were quaestors, and Quintus Vibenna Quietus and Tiberius Claudius Magnus were aediles. Publius Cornelius Trophimus, a baker from the fourteenth region at Rome, and curator of the vicus quadratus, and Lania Thione, daughter of Gaius, his wife, willingly paid their vow
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    W. Stenhouse
    The Paper Museum of Cassiano dal Pozzo. Ancient inscriptions