CIL 11, 05283 (Q11753)

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Honorary inscription
Language Label Description Also known as
CIL 11, 05283
Honorary inscription


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    To C. Matrinius Aurelius Antoninus, son of Gaius, of the Lemonia tribe, vir perfectissimus, high priest of Tuscia and Umbria, pontifex of the Flavian gens, producer of a most abundant arena-show as well as of an outstandingly enjoyable theatrical performance, aedile, quaestor, twice quinquennial duumvir with judicial power of this most splendid colonia, curator rei publicae of the same colonia and first principalis, on account of the merit of his benevolence towards them, as a most worthy patronus, the whole urban populace of Flavia Constans (set this up).
    1 reference
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