CIL 05, 05262 (Q11774)

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Inscription commemorating Pliny's benefactions
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CIL 05, 05262
Inscription commemorating Pliny's benefactions


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    C. Plinius L.f. Caecilius Secundus of the (voting tribe) Oufentina, consul, (...) ordered in his will that baths should be constructed at a cost of (...) sesterces with 300,000 sesterces added for decoration and that an additional 200,000 sesterces should be reserved for its uskeep. For the sustenanca of one hundred of his own freedmen he bequeathed 1866666 sesterces to the community, from the interest on which he wished would beused afterwards for a banquet for the urban plebs (i.e. of Comum). While still alive (?), he gave 500,000 sesterces for the sustenance of boys and girls of the urban plebs and 100,000 sesterces for the upkeep of the library.
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