CIL 11, 07856; CLE 2068 (Q11786)

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Funerary inscription
Language Label Description Also known as
CIL 11, 07856; CLE 2068
Funerary inscription


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    L. Sentius Lucrio, freedman of Lucius and his wife, for himself and his wife Pontia Procula, daughter of Lucius, and for L. Sentius Pietas, son of Lucius; he lived seventeen years, nine months, seven days. Also for the freedwoman Sperata, who is still alive, nurse of their son. Whoever you are, stranger, who reads this inscription, please read the poem to the end! Thus may you have many pleasant things in life. Here I lie, Sentius, called by the cognomen Pietas, torn from my father in the full bloom of my life, trained in the liberal arts with honourable effort, I was also among my peers well loved. To prevent me from reaching eighteen full years of age, Luna snatched away from me three of her months. Frontage: 14 feet. Depth: 12 feet.
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