CIL 10, 03776; CIL 01 (2 ed.), 0675, cfr. p. 931 (Q11791)

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Building inscription
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CIL 10, 03776; CIL 01 (2 ed.), 0675, cfr. p. 931
Building inscription


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    Numerius Pumidius, Quintus' son, M. Cottius, Marcus' son, M. Eppilius, Marcus' son, C. Antracius, Gaius' son, L. Sempronius, Lucius' son, P. Cicereius, Gaius' son, M. Raecius, Quintus' son, Numerius Arrius, Marcus' son, L. Heioleius, Publius'son, C. Tuccius, Gaius' son, Q. Vibius, Marcus' son, M. Valerius, Lucius' son: these magistri of Venus Iovia saw to the building of the wall to a lenght of 270 feet and put on shows, in the consulship of Servius Sulpicius and M. Aurelius (108 BCE).
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    O. Salomies
    C. Bruun - J. Edmondson
    The Oxford Handbook of Roman Epigraphy