CIL 09, 04672; CIL 01 (2.ed), 0632; ILS 03410 (Q11963)

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Inscription from Reate
Language Label Description Also known as
CIL 09, 04672; CIL 01 (2.ed), 0632; ILS 03410
Inscription from Reate


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    Holy One! Lucius Munius has achieved what he had decided in his mind, that he should give this gift to you, Conqueror, according to ancient custom, as interest from a tithe, asking you of your indulgence to make easy work of collecting money and paying it out. see to it that he totals up a tithe of true reckoning, and in return for this and other gifts give worthy return to him, as he deserves.
    E. Courtney
    Musa Lapidaria. A Selection of Latin Verse Inscriptions
    Atlanta, Georgia
    38-39, nr. 7
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