IG I³ 35 (Q3916)

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Decree about priestess and temple of Athena Nike
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IG I³ 35
Decree about priestess and temple of Athena Nike


    Blok, Athena Nike 1
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    ... ... -kos proposed: [to install] a priestess for Athena Nike to be [allotted] from all Athenian [women], (5) and that the sanctuary (hieron) be provided with doors in whatever way Kallikrates may specify; and the official sellers (poletas) are to place the contract within the prytany of Leontis; the priestess is to receive fifty drachmas and (10) to receive the backlegs and hides of the public sacrifices (demosion) ; and that a temple (neon) be built in whatever way Kallikrates may specify and a stone altar. Hestiaios proposed: that three men be selected (15) from the Council; and they shall make the specifications with Kallikrates and ... ... in accordance with [the contracts] ...
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    Stephen Lambert
    Attic Inscriptions Online
    Josine Blok
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