IG I³ 11 (Q3923)

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Reaffirmed alliance with Egesta
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IG I³ 11
Reaffirmed alliance with Egesta


    Matthaiou, Ta en tei stelei 57–70
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    ... oath[s?] of the Athenians and Egestaians. The Council and the People decided. – was in prytany. – was secretary. [– was chairman?]. Antiphon was archon (418/7). Ar– proposed: ... give to them ... (5) ... ... ... victims as many ... swear the oath. So that [all?] shall swear let the generals take care ... (10) ... the men administering the oath so [that they shall administer the oath to the Egestaians?] ... This decree and the oath the secretary of the Council shall inscribe on a stone stele on the acropolis: let the official sellers (poletai) make the contract; and let the payment officers (kolakretai) pay the money. Also the Egestaians’ embassy shall be invited to hospitality (15) in the city hall (prytaneion) at the customary time. Euphemos proposed: in other respects in accordance with the Council, but in future when [envoys (presbeis) come from Egesta ?] let the herald (keryx) bring them forward ... ... ... of the Egestaians ...
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    Stephen Lambert
    Attic Inscriptions Online
    P. J. Rhodes
    # PH 11
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