RIB 812 (Q8001)

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CIL vii 370, addit. p. 308
Language Label Description Also known as
RIB 812
CIL vii 370, addit. p. 308


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    Scott Vanderbilt
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    To the Genius of the place, to Fortune the Home-Bringer, to Eternal Rome, and to Good Fate, Gaius Cornelius Peregrinus, tribune of the cohort, decurion of his home town of Saldae in the province of Mauretania Caesariensis, gladly, willingly, and deservedly fulfilled his vow. Long may you live, Volantius.
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    The Roman Inscriptions of Britain
    R. G. Collingwood
    R. P. Wright
    R. S. O. Tomlin
    272, 774
    Alan Sutton Publishing Limited