RIB 1234 (Q8379)

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CIL vii 1003, addit. p. 311
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RIB 1234
CIL vii 1003, addit. p. 311


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    Scott Vanderbilt
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    For the Emperor-Caesars Lucius Septimius Severus Pius Pertinax, conqueror of Arabia, conqueror of Adiabene, Most Great Conqueror of Parthia, thrice consul, Augustus, and Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Pius, twice consul, Augustus, and for Publius Septimius Geta, most noble Caesar, the First Cohort of Vangiones, one thousand strong, part-mounted, restored from ground-level this gate with its walls, which had fallen in through age, at the command of Alfenus Senecio, of senatorial rank and consular governor, under the charge of Oclatinius Adventus, procurator of our Emperors, together with its own tribune Aemilius Salvianus.
    1 reference
    The Roman Inscriptions of Britain
    R. G. Collingwood
    R. P. Wright
    R. S. O. Tomlin
    406-407, 781
    Alan Sutton Publishing Limited