RIB 1909 (Q8995)

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JRS xvi (1926) 214
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RIB 1909
JRS xvi (1926) 214


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    Scott Vanderbilt
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    For the Emperor-Caesars Lucius Septimius Severus Pius Pertinax and Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, both Augusti, and for Publius Septimius Geta, most noble Caesar, the First Aelian Cohort of Dacians and the First Cohort of Thracians, Roman citizens, built the granary under Alfenus Senecio, the consular governor, through the agency of Aurelius Julianus, the tribune.
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    The Roman Inscriptions of Britain
    R. G. Collingwood
    R. P. Wright
    R. S. O. Tomlin
    589, 792
    Alan Sutton Publishing Limited