CIL 06, 29896, cfr. p. 3734; CLE 1175 (Q9892)

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elegiac poem
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CIL 06, 29896, cfr. p. 3734; CLE 1175
elegiac poem


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    Gaul bore me; the oyster of the wealthy sea gave me my name, a fitting honour of a name for my beauty. Taught to run about, daring, through dim, rough woods in the hills and to pursue wild beasts, not ever accustomed to be held by heavy chains nor to suffer savage blows on my snowy body. For I used to lie in the gentle lap of my lord and lady and knew to recline, weary, on the couch with a cushion, and with a dog's speechless mouth I used to talk more than was permitted: no one was very frightened by my barking. But now I have suffered the fortunes cast by an inauspicious birth, whom now the earth covers beneath a small marble stone. Margarita
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    Susan Dunning
    Andrew Dunning
    Reviewer: Gianfranco Agosti
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