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general table


Epitafio de L. Iunius Avitus HE No. 155


CAN WE work on: infobox type of template for new translations in which: opting out either for original or published (and consequent fields)

map the template to CIDOC CRM?


  • text = E31,
  • Author = E21

and in the form put for example something like a property P14 where to imput the name?

  • photoshop:Headline
  • dc:title
  • photoshop:DateCreated
  • dc:creator
  • daiImage:readable
  • daiImage:responsibility
  • daiImage:writable
  • photoshop:City
  • iptc4xmlCore:Location
  • dc:type (evtl. + eigenes kontrolliertes Vokabular)
  • dc:description
  • daiImage:number
  • dc:format (evtl. + eigenes kontrolliertes Vokabular)

Metadata schema

  1. EAGLE metadata schema (this is the proposed metadata schema agaist which to map all the content providers schemas)
  2. EAGLE metadata comparison table (these are the proposed rules to map the content providers schemas into the EAGLE schema and the latter into EDM)


  • Stringa troppo corta (limite 400 caratteri).