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If you are here you have either created or found your item and ready to enter a translation.

Look for the inscription according to the procedure described in Getting Started

If the inscription is not in the database, add it by following the procedure described in Add a translation of a new text, if it is already in the database and has a TM or idest id:

  • select add new via perseids
  • select the language from the dropdown menu
  • submit your translation via perseids for vetting

if it does not yet have a TM or idest identifier, please add it and follow the procedure above, otherways:

  • select the inscription
  • click the second last "ADD" button at the bottom of the page

Even if there is already a translation into the same language of the one you wish to insert, you may still add a new one, especially if it is based on a different interpretation of the text.

Simply click the "ADD" button inside the statement box, in the lower gray area, and follow the procedure described in the next steps.

Unless you find a misprint, please do not edit existing translations.

A blue form will appear so that you can insert your data.

  • Begin with the "STATEMENTS" box and start typing the kind of data you want to insert, e.g. Translation Italian.
  • The system will automatically suggest the correct statement (for the list of statements, cfr. infra).
  • Type or paste the translation in the next box.
  • Click the "SAVE" button!
  • Before leaving the page add the source of the translation, as described below!

If you see that there is already a translation and the Trismegistos ID has also been entered and corresponds, submit yours translation via Perseids, please refer to section Enter a text via Perseids.

This is the list of properties available for translations in the "STATEMENTS" box:

Translation EN (property: P11)

Translation DE (property: P12)

Translation IT (property: P13)

Translation ES (property: P14)

Translation FR (property: P15)

Translation EL (property: P16)

Translation RU (property: P17)

Translation SI (property: P18)

Translation HU (property: P19)

Translation RO (property: P20)

Translation HR (property: P57)

Translation SE (property: P61)

More can be added at any time: just let us know!

Add the source of the translation

You will now have to tell the source of the translation. If you are the author of it:

  • Click the [add source] button
  • In the "PROPERTY" box type "Author of the translation"
  • Type your name in the next box
  • Click the "SAVE" button!

If the translation is taken from a book, you will follow the same procedure and insert all the relevant information (for the list of properties, cfr. infra):

  • Click the [add source] button
  • In the "PROPERTY" box type "Author of publication"
  • Type the name of the author in the next box
  • Click the [add] button immediately below and insert the title, date and place of publication, etc., creating a new string for each of these entries.
  • Click the "SAVE" button!

N.B. Once the information are saved you can always change them by clicking the "EDIT" button.

This is the list of properties available for published and authored translations:

Author of publication (property: P46)

Author of translation if different from Author of publication (property: P21)

Supervised by (property: P58) - Use this property when the translation is made by students supervised by a teacher

Publication title (property: P26)

Volume (property: P27)

Place (property: P28)

Year (property: P29)

Pages (property: P30)

Item number (property: P65) - Use this property when you wish to insert a catalogue number

Periodical title (property: P32)

Publisher (property: P41)

Institution (property: P66)