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This is the procedure to follow if you wish to add a translation but the relative inscription is not yet in the database.

  • From the menu list on the left select "CREATE A NEW ITEM"
  • In the "LABEL" box enter the bibliographical abbreviation (AE, CIL, IG, etc)
  • In the "DESCRIPTION" box type the title of the inscription, e.g. Dedication to Antoninus Pius
  • Click the "CREATE" button

Insert the additional yet compulsory identification numbers, such as a TM, idest, EDH, EDR etc, and add them as separate "STATEMENTS":

  • click the "ADD" button

A blue form will appear so that you can insert your data:

  • Begin with the "STATEMENTS" box and start typing the kind of data you want to insert, e.g. Trismegistos identifier, idest, EDR identifier.
  • The system will automatically suggest the correct statement (for the list of statements, cfr. infra).
  • Type the value of the information in the other box, that is the proper identification number, e.g. 12345
  • Click the "SAVE" button!

Repeat the procedure for each identification number you have.


The system recognizes identification numbers and automatically creates a links between the statement added and the Content Provider's website.

It is vital that you do not create items without a TM, EDH, EDR, EDB, etc. id number, as it will be very complicated to connect the record you created to the rest of the database.

This is the list of properties currently available for the "STATEMENTS" box, but more can be added if needed.

Trismegistos identifier (property: P3) idest (property: P69) HispaniaEpigraphica identifier (property: P22) EDH identifier (property: P24) EDR identifier (property: P38) EDB identifier (property: P37) BSR identifier (property: P40) Petrae identifier (property: P33) CYI identifier (property: P36) DAI identifier (property: P35) Ubi Erat Lupa identifier (property: P34) ELTE Identifier (property: P48) AIO Identifier (property: P51) Last Statues of Antiquity Identifier (property: P47) InsAph Identifier (property: P50) PHI Identifier (property: P56) UBB Identifier (property: P59) RIB Identifier (property: P63)

We can add more properties as it is needed. Please let us know if you really need one which is not in the list.

When you are ready to add your translation to the record you have created go to Add a translation in EAGLE MediaWiki.